Multy Agro

Our Values

Multy Agro has founded its development on three main core values: quality, reliability and service. These values represents us and we work constantly on improving them.


Quality has always been our top priority. With a strong focus on sourcing quality produce, managing full traceability and fully integrating quality control in our supply chain, we are in a unique position to fully satisfy your demand.


Today’s volatile business environment is full with potential risks. We have leant the hard way that losing your customer is much easier than winning and keeping them satisfied. Thus we are now covering all aspects and pushing our limits to keep you satisfied each and every time.


We help to bridge the needs of our customers by closely monitoring developments in the global market. We manage risks and ensure flexibility, quality, and timely delivery. On the Trading side – we source from selected suppliers and provide strategic storage and transport.


Small-scale producers provide over 70% of the world’s food needs while agribusinesses are important generators of employment and income worldwide. Improving the sustainability of food value chains can benefit hundreds of millions of poor households in Africa, as well as ensuring access to nutritious food to all.

We at Multy Agro, are dedicated to this cause and are involved in many programs to help the local communities in the area we operate and are constantly trying to improve the well being of the local population and the farming families. Small-scale producers are given priorities in our selections and supported financially throughout the agricultural process.